AE Comics- an experience

The virtual course was a very different one from others. This was an existing feature in my life. I have read comics throughout my life, it brings new ideas, themes, culture, and tradition.
I realized that it does not require the perfect drawing, but the creative idea can also be transformed into reality. I was very much relieved to find out about Pixton, doodle, Canvas, and flip guard.
Teachers are good learners, in spite of the time, each team compromising teachers along with mentors, try their best to achieve the goal. It is a learning process and there are so many things to learn, that will accelerate the learning methods. Teachers always try to bring a change and if the change can bring goodness among the students, one feels satisfied. So, I believe the cohesion among all the student teachers in high spirit, the comic, a portion of our real-world should be in our lesson plan that is in the syllabus of English learning.
Experience gained through this course will be reflected by Access teachers to their respective students. The storytelling method, inner feeling, and insight will come out of the individual. When one gets the freedom to express, morality becomes good. Every human being is a superhero and they do sacrifice themselves for their family or the country.
Access teachers and students will be benefitted from comics’ creativity.
Till the world goes, comics will be in the heart of people.
Syed Nazrul Ahsan