Access Program

Language Proficiency Center started functioning from the year 1999. The Access course program, funded and supported by the US Embassy, American Center, and the department of USA, Washington, began in 2004. The Access program in Bangladesh was introduced by LPC.
The overview of the program is to educate the gifted students from different sectors. The students who do not have the ability to pursue their dreams. These students are given opportunities to learn American English. The curriculum and syllabus are different from the traditional ones. Not only guidance of acquiring English is provided, but with it, various activities connected with the theoretical and practical of ‘Knowing the World better’ are emphasized.
The four skills of English language are taught. The students, referred by their institutions and certified by the American Center, comes from secular institutions and Madrasahs. An equal number of students with males and females are invited with their credentials to study the Access program course. Many of the participants are not that much interested, even their parents are in dilemma, on the other side some of the parents eagerly put their child into the course. The female students especially from Madrasah background have difficult circumstances. They have constraints from their family and also from institutions.
But, once the program starts, the students become adapted. They gradually become confident. They could see that this program is a gift from America and they are lucky to have it. It opens many windows for them, some of them even have the opportunity to visit exchange program in the U.S.
Since 2004, Access students have been successfully completed their two years courses. They have achieved many honors and distinctions.

Syed Nazrul Ahsan